Upcoming Events


June 24th
Cary Area Public Library
Sound Research Practices: Sources and Citations
2:00 pm
60 Minutes to Better Genealogy @ the Newberry
July 14th

Session 7: Finding and Using Digital Books
1 - 2 pm
Digital books are everywhere – there are millions of them! This session will demonstrate techniques for finding and searching digital book collections for material relevant to your research.

Session 8: Local Histories and Directories Records Group
2:30 - 3:30 pm
Local histories and directories can answer myriad questions. They can provide a fascinating glimpse into the times and places where your ancestors lived.

August 20th
Sulzer Regional Library
Stayin' Local: Using Town and City Records in Your Research
6:30 pm
September 11th
Illinois State Genealogical Society
Webinar Series
It Didn't All Go Up in Flames: Researching Pre-fire Chicago
8:00 pm